In our first Live Tracking season on Mount Everest, we followed Australian mountaineer Andreas Breitfuss on his Everest journey. 
Ascending via the famous South Route, Andreas was able to reach the summit on the 19th May 2012 @ 2:09 pm, along with his partners George, Marty and their Sherpas.

Prior to that, Andreas, being a novice climber, went through couple months of hard training and preparation, summitting Pumori in the progress and learning everything that was necessary for his summit success.

Interactive map: Live Tracking 2012

Andreas Breitfuss - Everest via South Route

"Die Routen virtuell zu erkunden und die schrittweise Bewertung der Optionen in Kombination mit Tourberichten waren für meine Vorbereitung sehr wertvoll. Gleichzeitig erleichterte das 3D-Live-Tracking die Kommunikation erheblich und half vielen Menschen, daran teilzunehmen."

(Jost Kobusch)

Gallery: Andreas Breitfuss summitting Everest via South Route