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RealityMaps App - Ultrarealistische 3D Karten für Abenteurer

Die preisgekrönte RealityMaps App ist der perfekte Begleiter für dein nächstes Outdoor-Abenteuer. Die ultrarealistische 3D-Karte ermöglicht eine intuitive und realistische Einschätzung des Terrains und der technischen Voraussetzungen der Tour.

We have now included new maps of Mount Everest and the Himalaya mountain range. Various trekking routes are integrated for the Khumbu region in Nepal and Ladakh in Northern India.

While on the way your current position is displayed in the 3D  map on your smartphone. Your current GPS location is shown in real time on the 3D map. This greatly simplifies orientation on the go.

RealityMaps App

Professional mountaineers rely on the ultra realistic, three-dimensional maps of 3D RealityMaps. If you plan a tour in the Himalaya or Alps or if you want to use the unique maps on tour, then download the RealityMaps App now!

Explore the mountain scenery from unique perspectives and let yourself be inspired by thousands of routes and adventures – it’s free!

With a subscription, you unlock premium features, such as GPS navigation and live tracking on the way, use of the 3D map without a mobile connection, personal cloud storage and GPX file import.

New: 3D map of the Himalaya -
explore all 14 eight-thousanders

Worldwide high resolution topographic map

We designed a topographic map on a scale of 1: 25,000 with unique relief shading using a brand new high resolution digital terrain model and up-to-date Open StreeMap data. 

RealityMaps App - the app for mountaineers

The mountains are shown in excellent aerial photos and the resulting 3D map allows you unique insights into the trail and the terrain. If you follow the marked route using the GPS tracking feature, then you cannot get lost. Your current position is shown in the real landscape of the map, so that you will never lose orientation. The photo-realistic map shows you the path ahead and you are able to identify potential objective dangers.

Even in bad weather such as fog or at night you can orientate yourself in a targeted manner. Only RealityMaps offers that! Another important security aspect: The 3D aerial map can also be used without a mobile phone connection. You will no longer want to do without the RealityMaps on any tour.

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The App at a glance

The App at a glance

RealityMaps App