Gokyo-Lobuche - Day 1

Start: Gokyo (4,750 m), Goal: Dragnag (4,700 m)
Distance: 4 km, Duration: 4 hours

The trail from Gokyo heads over Ngozumpa Glacier and ends in Dragnag , taking you up and over the glacier, till, rocks and the underlying ice. The desolate landscape provides a unique experience and leaves travellers with a lasting impression. Although the traverse always follows a zig-zag pattern, the path across the glacier itself changes from year to year. Expect to see numerous kettle lakes and a show of falling ice as the glaciers dive into the grey-green waters below.

From Gokyo to Lobuche

Gokyo-Lobuche - Day 2

Start: Dragnag (4,700 m), Goal: Dzonglha (4,843 m)
Distance: 8 km, Duration: 9 hours

From Gokyo to Lobuche

Start your ascent to Chola Pass (5,420 m) early in the morning. The trek continues in A barren landscape with large, dark brown rock between two mountain sides. Here you will follow along the stream’s path. As you walk, the steep, rocky cwm that leads to the pass lies ahead of you. Icy temperatures tend to dominate the morning weather on this track, thanks to the trail’s position in the shade. Upon reaching the pass over boulders and serpentine trails, and given the proper weather conditions, you should be warmed by the sun and able to see the neighbouring valley. Porters rush by over ice and snow, heavily-laden and sporting shoes with no tread. From here, the trail continues on a sharp descent through almost 600 meters of elevation. Hikers should exercise caution here, as this stretch can be particularly slippery at times. After a final spurt uphill, you will have arrived in Dzonglha where you can hopefully land one of the few rooms available to travellers.

Gokyo-Lobuche - Day 3

Start: Dzonglha (4,843 m), Goal: Lobuche (4,930 m)
Distance: 6 km, Duration: 2 hours

Sunshine streaming through a frozen window pane wakes you to a world coated in frost . Today’s first task entails crossing a stream. The bridge to the other side consists of two thin tree trunks, but with some courage and a little gusto, the four meters are quickly overcome. From here, you will travel along the high valley, past the yellow base camp tents and on to Lobuche. An expansive, turquoise lake appears shortly hereafter. Further along the way, you will come across the broad path that leads to Everest Base Camp, which eventually merges with the current trail. Finally, the rocky valley is surrounded by brown mountain sides and Pumori’s white peak towers just before Lobuche.

From Gokyo to Lobuche Yaks